Central Rift valley conference

SDA kinship Kenya that is registered as Kinship Community  Foundation was invited  to attend the symposium.After the previous  meeting that  was held at central kenya  conference  we're requested  to talk about homosexuality  and give a personal experiences and see how to bridge the gap that exist between sexuallity and spirituality. The meeting consisted of departmental  heads and other pastors, few retired pastors  were also invited.The majority present were men but few ladies  were present. The discussions were on :

  1. 1. LGBTI terminology 
  2. 2. Risks that the LGBTI people go through mostly because of stigma and discrimination, LGBTI who are Adventist suffers worse.
  3. 3. Need to see away of Accepting our family members who are LGBTI.Our church leaders who are LGBTI.
  4. 4. Are LGBTI born that way or do people acquire it.

                  Question answer section

The pastors were very open in discussing the topic and wanting to understand  things they have gone through with some of the gay people they come across in their local churches.it came from the discussion that;

1.There are many church members that know of who are LGBTI 

-One pastor said he knows an underground SDA group that he works with 

- Can LGBTI be prayed for to change

- They are glad we are able to openly discuss the topic its bothering many people but none wants to talk about it.

- HIV is real there is need to get to the core of things .

In conclusion we refered them to :

  1.  1.SDA kinship international 
  2. 2.SDA kinship kenya (kinship community foundation).
  3. 3.Coordinator SDA kinship Kenya 

                 Rena Otieno 



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April  2018 pastors  symposium 

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